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Nidhal Abidi

My name is Nidhal Abidi and I'm happy to know you!</p><p>I have been coding computer programs since I was 13 and I like solving problems. I have won quite a variety of competitions both national and international in the field of programming and entrepreneurship.  I co-founded to help Tunisians to learn the most rewarding skills and improve their lives and hopefully build a better reality.   I'm also the executive director of the Informatics Tunisian Association, and I help train the National Team of programmers to learn how to solve problems and write better computer code. I'm happy to have you in my class!


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NjeimiFatma – May 29, 2019:

Bien expliqué et simplifié

ahmed_anis _nsiri – May 29, 2019:

Un cours très instructif

moetazbellah – Jul 16, 2019:

behi 3ale5er