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I am a graduate of condensed matter physics from the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences of Tunisia. My greatest interest lies in the applied fields of physics. I have firmly decided to pursue research on the fields of photonics and nonlinear optics due to their intrinsic richness. I have been working with mathematical and experimental physics and focusing my efforts on the advanced coursework in nonlinear optics, quantum optics, semiconductor physics, statistical physics out of equilibrium, thermodynamics of solids their elaboration techniques, and also experimental methods of characterization techniques. I joined Dr. Patrice Genevet’s group at the Center of Research on Hetero-Epitaxy and its Applications (CRHEA) in France for my final graduate project, and have worked under his supervision on meta-surfaces. I participated in the Open journey of Young Researchers 2018 and won the first prize for the best presentation. I joined to provide advanced courses in many fields of sciences .(mainly physics/ chemistry /mathematics and natural sciences for all educational levels)

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Rihab_L'kalaï_933 – Jun 06, 2020:

Thanks a lot