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Mohamed khalil Kahlaoui

My name is Med Khalil Kahlaoui, and I am going to be your Robotics’ Instructor. Robotics has been my all time favorite passion for over 6 years now, I have been part of servel international and national organizations such as IEEE and AJST, and if there’s one thing I enjoy more than learning robotics it’s teaching it. In each step i take in my journey,I am willing to learn and thus helping others with their projects, because sharing is caring.I am on Study now and I look forward to help many of you to learn and nourish your skills.

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Zouari_School_741 – May 01, 2020:

bravo mel arduino el vonvertisseur analogique mta3ou fih 10 bit mech 8 1023 ma3naha 10 bit kan je 8bit yekteb 255

yahyaouifaouzi – Jun 03, 2020:

Très bon cours super bien détaillé avec du live coding . Je recommande !

Racha_Trabelsi_893 – Apr 13, 2020:

Oui je trouve que c'est intéressant !