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Eltaief Abir

Engineer graduated from the National Engineers School of Tunis (ENIT), since 2009. I am a Senior Project Manager , certified PMP® from the PMI (Project Management Institute). Passionate about programming since a very young age. (I am Hydraulic Expert and GIS Developer). I master Java programming since a very young age. Later I became a passionate Android developer: I create Android applications (creation of the technical architecture of the application, creation of its interface and its animations as well as the management of the user interaction). I'm also actively monitoring technologies, especially the Google ecosystem. I see the code as an Euclidean, creative and intellectually stimulating art that helps to structure our thinking. To me, everyone should have been exposed to computer code at least once. Understanding the mechanics of digital technologies is, in my opinion, fundamental. Code and programming languages are, today, a lever for democratizing medical care, education, making finance transparent, helping dependent people, predicting climate risks, better organizing a city. We can do good things, as well as bad things, it's up to us to decide the direction our society will take!

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