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Elyes Manai

Cumulated 3 years of Teaching experience in Web Development, Entrepreneurship & Artificial Intelligence. 1.5 years of them as the Web Program Manager in GoMyCode. Organized workshops with entities like IEEE, Junior Enterprises & spoke at TEDxUniversity_of_Tunis.


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Olfa_Cheikh-Rouhou_350 – Jan 04, 2020:

tahkii fisaaaa ale5eeer .. dc je prefere tna9s chwayaa rythme sinn ma7laa zayneek <3 tfarajet 3laa 2 vidéos dc manjmch naamel evaluation 7a9aanyaa o s7i7aa bethaaabt ama pour vous encourager 5 étoiles <3

Saif_Chamsi – Jan 03, 2020:

That's awesome i hope that will be shared to all tunisian youth Ilyes plaase don't even think to leave tunisia we can achieve a lot of good stuff i hope this msg finds u well

radhwanmrf – Feb 05, 2020:

suupppper !!! vraiment j'ai appris que la minute est trop chere beaucoup plus que j'esperias en avant.